Bringing back customer satisfaction one landscape at a time

Innovative Horticultural Solutions, LLC.

  Innovative Horticultural Solutions, LLC. is answering today's landscaping needs and taking them to the next level. We believe in raising the bar when it comes to our professional level of acceptance, quality and customer service. Our staff consists of highly trained personel that have a passion for landscaping and all that it has to offer. We have on-site, a full time Horticulturalist that is a graduate from Michigan State University, and has been servicing Metro Detroit and the surrounding areas for over 20 years.

   The initiative for landscape contractors to go "green" and be more "eco-friendly" are ever so important, as regulations regarding the environment and its preservation are becoming more and more strict. We are proud to say that I.H.S. is taking that initiative and making a positive influence towards the preservation of our environment. By implementing a "low-impact" approach on all of our landscape projects and using heavy equipment only when necessary, we are reducing the amount of harmful emissions and the negative impact it can have on the surrounding areas. To help reduce waste in our landsfills, we try to reclaim (as much as possible) the used, on-site resources back into the project. This can reduce the overall costs for materials and waste disposal for that project. Reclaiming excess storm water and unwanted run-off back into the landscape reduces the dependence of supplemental irrigation, and helps lower irrigation operating costs. This also reduces the strain on the public water supplies during mandated, water-use restrictions. Uncontrolled waste-water and run-off have a destructive impact on our environment too. It strips away the important soils and nutrients that the environment needs and carries them into our lakes and streams. This creates a potentially hazardous situation for our fish and wildlife.

   There are countless ways one can implement a "positive action" towards the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. That's why we try to educate and help our clients choose what measures are appropriate for their specific needs. Creating an enjoyable, outdoor living space that meets and/or exceeds our client's expectations is our main objective, but just as important, is the preservation of our environment. If we let that fail, the outdoors won't be there for us and/or our children to enjoy.